Front 242, Nitzer Ebb featured on mammoth new EBM compilation

The box set includes two previously unreleased Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb remixes.

Belgian label Alfa Matrix is set to release a four-disc box set featuring Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and many more EBM originators and newcomers.

Out October 13, Electronic Body Matrix 2 is split across four CDs and contains 76 tracks and ten hours music, as RA reports. The box set follows 2011’s volume one release and includes a digital edition that comprises 40 bonus songs.

See the artwork and full tracklist below. Pre-order and check the digital-only tracklist at the Alfa Matrix site.

Front 242, Nitzer Ebb featured on mammoth new EBM compilation

01. NZ – ‘S.F.R.Y.’
02. SITD] – ‘Post-Factual Age’
03. Elm – ‘Kampftrinker’ (Schlacht!-mix)
04. Agrezzior – ‘Run’
05. Celluloide – ‘Gris’ (Virussé Par Orange Sector)
06. Elegant Machinery – ‘I Say’
07. Entrzelle – ‘Steadily Losing Faith’
08. Mondträume – ‘All You Cannot See’ (Crytek Mix)
09. The Psychic Force T – ‘Die In The Clinic’ (Eisfabrik Mix)
10. Funker Vogt – ‘Der Letzte Tanz’ (Kurzmix)
11. Cephalgy – ‘Got Maschine Vaterland’ (Single Edit)
12. Freunde Der Technik – ‘Nachher Ist Man Immer Schlauer’
13. Bruderschaft – ‘Falling’ (Plastic Noise Experience Mix)
14. Dream Recall – ‘Reasons To Die’ feat. Mondträume
15. Third Realm – ‘Command And Conquer’
16. Pitch Yarn Of Matter – ‘Faults’
17. Elektrolänge – ‘Heimkonsole’ (Mehrsprachige Version)
18. Metroland – ‘Cube’ (Matrix Mix)
19. Dive – ‘Far Away’

01. Orange Sector – ‘Heute Liebe Ich Dich’
02. Alien Vampires – ‘Rave To The Grave’ (NZ Mix)
03. Pouppee Fabrikk – ‘Watch Your Sex’ (2017)
04. Impulskontroll – ‘French Evulutionen’
05. Fixmer/McCarthy – ‘Chemicals’
06. Komor Kommando – ‘Music Is My Religion’
07. Aesthetische – ‘Gone Tomorrow’ (Hard Mix Edit)
08. R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc Project) – ‘Havoc’
09. Noisuf-X – ‘Banzai’ (Tenno Heika)
10. Orphx – ‘Zero Hour’
11. Daniel B. Prothese – ‘(sar+(-(_x x)’)))’
12. Neon Electronics/NE – ‘157’
13. Enzo Kreft – ‘We’re Breaking Out’
14. Implant – ‘The Telephone Call’ (Elm Mix)
15. Ad;Key – ‘Du Bewegst Dich Nicht’ (Body Matrix Edit)
16. Patenbrigade: Wolff – ‘Der Brigadier Trinkt Bier’ (DBtinB! Mix)
17. Accessory – ‘Ship Of Fools’ (Cephalgy Mix)
18. Junksista – ‘How Deep Is My Love’
19. Electrogenic – ‘Skills’ (Radio Edit)

01. Crytek – ‘Anathema’
02. Mildreda – ‘Neon Eon’
03. Avarice in Audio – ‘Lies To Me’
04. Hocico – ‘In The Name Of Violence’ (Faderhead Mix)
05. Armageddon Dildos – ‘Intimidated’
06. Kant Kino – ‘Children In The Park’ (Sinna Acid)
07. Koner – ‘Babbie’ (Short Edit)
08. Formshift – ‘What We Want’ feat. Neon Electronics (Noseda Dark Techno Rework – Radio Edit)
09. Rhys Fulber – ‘Minsk Maschinen’
10. Növö – ‘The Shortwaves’ (Commuter Mix)
11. Front 242 – ‘Take One’ (Korea Huntington Remix)
12. Deutsche Bank – ‘Unterwegs In Meinem Saab’ (Frohm Mix)
13. The Eldridge Experience – ‘Cigarette Burns’ (Valerie The Lustrous Love Machine Mix)
14. Lights Of Euphoria – ‘Blood On The Floor’
15. Spetsnaz – ‘Free Fall’
16. Diffuzion – ‘Blessed’ (Power Mix)
17. Autodafeh – ‘No Future’
18. The Sexorcist – ‘Minimal Komplex’
19. Culture Kultür – ‘To The Unknown Soldier’ (Lost Generation Mix)

01. Neuroticfish – ‘Is It Dead’
02. Nitzer Ebb – ‘Down On Your Knees’ (Kant Kino Mix 2017)
03. Human Steel – ‘Steel And Hammer’
04. Tolchock – ‘Man Is Evil’ (2017)
05. Bödlarna – ‘Fakir’
06. Pioneros Cano – ‘Das Artefakt’
07. Miss FD – ‘New Era’ feat. Vulture Culture
08. Amorphous – ‘Brave New World’ feat. Torsykes
09. Psy’Ah – ‘Reboot Reset Relay’ feat. Fallon Nieves (Matrix Edit)
10. Ayria – ‘Crash And Burn’
11. Stoppenberg – ‘Fearless’
12. Centhron – ‘Blitzkrieg’
13. Llumen – ‘Force Of Nurture’ (Mildreda Mix)
14. Venal Flesh – ‘Corrupted Wetware’
15. Protectorate – ‘Infocon’
16. Cardinal Noire – ‘Narkomat’
17. Plastic Noise Experience – ‘Struggle’
18. Aiborcen – ‘Etching Herself In Acid’ feat. Kant Kino (Matrix Edit)
19. Spoiled Poisoned – ‘Heart Sync’

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